In early April, I submitted an
article comparing some of the game’s best pitchers who were 

making less money
than the $12,750,000 being paid to Milwaukee starter Jeff Suppan.

Now, with the season seven weeks
old, it’s only fair to compare how he is actually stacking 

up against them.

In general, it is not good as
the list below indicates.  Of the
17 pitchers mentioned, 

Suppan ranks second last in wins tied with Dempster,
Johnson, Maholm  and Cook. 

Only two
pitchers had a higher ERA than Suppan’s 4.71 (Scott Kazmir who just 

went on the
DL with 6.75 and Josh Beckett at 5.01).

Finally, Suppan’s WHIP (Walks
and Hits per Innings Pitched) ranked second last 

tied with Beckett at 1.53 and
ahead of only Kazmir’s 1.95.

John Lackey, Brandon Webb,
Hiroki Kuroda., and Daisuke Matzuaka were not included 

because of injuries.

Here are the results, listed by


Pitcher              Team                    Salary                  W            L              ERA            WHIP

Jeff Suppan      Milwaukee
Brewers  $12,750,000            3            3            4.71            1.53

Hiroki Kuroda    Los
Angeles Dodgers $12,400,000                        injured

Gil Meche         Kansas
City Royals   $11,400,000           2           5            4.55            1.50

Josh Beckett     Boston
Red Sox       $11,166,666            4            2           5.01            1.53

Jake Peavy       San
Diego Padres    $11,000,000            4            5           3.48            1.10

John Lackey      LA
Angels               $10,000,000                        injured

Aaron Cook        Colorado
Rockies     $9,375,000            3            1            4.68            1.44

Ryan Dempster  Chicago
Cubs           $9,000,000            3            3            4.47            1.29

Daisuke Matzuaka Boston
Red Sox    $8,333,333                         

Eric Bedard         Seattle
Mariners     $7,750,000            2            2            2.64             1.13

Rich Harden        Chicago
Cubs         $7,000,000            4            2            4.74            1.37

Brandon Webb    Arizona
D’backs      $6,500,000                        injured

Scott Kazmir      Tampa
Bay Rays     $6,000,000            4            4            6.35            1.95

Cliff Lee              Cleveland
Indians    $6,000,000            2            5            3.04            1.37

Zach Greinke       Kansas
City Royals $3,750,000           7            1            0.82            0.91

Matt Cain           San
Francisco Giants  $2,900,000         5            1            2.40            1.32

Paul Maholm      Pittsburgh
Pirates      $2,500,000          3            1            3.41            1.28

Josh Johnson     Florida
Marlins         $1,400,000            3            1            2.67            1.10


Remember, young phenoms like Lincecum, Price, Felix Hernandez and Cole Hamels 

were not included because they have not been in the majors long enough.

The only thing one can look forward to is that his salary
comes off the books next year 

and that there’s a real possibility that Jake
Peavy could be in Milwaukee still this year if

 Trevor Hoffman is convincing

We can only hope.


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