So Brewers GM Doug Melvin thinks the answer to fixing a horrid starting rotation is to send JJ Hardy to the minors and Bill Hall to the Nederlands. It’s another panic attack that did nothing to address the real problem with this team.

Did I miss something here? If I recall, JJ Hardy wasn’t throwing batting practice curveballs during the game.  Yes, he was having a down year and he let his season long slump affect his fielding but to not cut him any slack is unfair. Jimmy Rollins is having a similar off year but I doubt that the Phillies will send him down. Was Hardy solely to blame for this dilemma?

As for Hall, this unfortunately was going to happen. Was it just three years ago that he went to center field and hit over 30 HR’s? The Brewers gave him more than a fair chance. Hall was one of my favorite players but I can’t argue with this move.

Finally, pitching coach Bill Castro gets the ax as the fall guy for the atrocious pitching staff. All Castro can do is give the staff his knowledge and wisdom; he can’t go out there and pitch himself. He ended up being the scapegoat because Melvin refuses to take responsibility for putting together the staff, including paying Jeff Suppan an obscene amount of money in what will go down as his worse free agent signing ever.

Melvin spoke about performance and being held accountable. Is that so. What about Mike Cameron and Jason Kendall neither of whom have performed well? Cameron strikes out at an alarming rate and is the worst hitter in the majors with RISP. Its obvious Kendall’s best days are behind him as he can’t throw and he can’t hit anymore.  Yet they stubbornly keep running him out there playing in more games than any other catcher.  Corey Hart wasn’t exactly tearing it up either before he got hurt.

We all knew Escobar would be up sooner or later, but how would you like to be in his shoes now, trying to replace one of the most popular players on the club?

So what did all of this upheaval prove? Not a darn thing. We still have the smelly staff and as long as we do, all the roster moves in the world will not change our direction.

Both Melvin and Mark Attanasio say they haven’t given up on the season.  If you think these moves will make the Brewers any better, then you are a dying optimist or a fool.


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