About kennskorner

Kenn Olson is a life long baseball junkie. A
Milwaukee native, he grew up during the heyday of the
Milwaukee Braves and has fond memories of seeing many Hall of
Fame greats come through County Stadium. Kenn was in the
Braves Knot Hole club as a little leaguer and played the game
passionately and well until a misguided youth decision cut
his promising career short. Nothing illegal, he just
inexplicably quit in high school to play other sports. But
his love for the game never wavered. Because of the long and
painful torture that is the Brewers, he claims to like the
game and players above a certain team (but don’t tell that to
his daughter). He has a library full of books, web links to
the most fascinating baseball sites, and of course the
Baseball Encyclopedia. As a hobby, he has been tracking the
career of young players thanks to the tremendous amount of
information provided by Baseball America. Professionally,
Kenn is a VP of a small foods company with a long and
extensive background in marketing and advertising. His one
and only offspring has also transformed into a baseball freak
but unfortunately became a die-hard Yankees