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Top 10 Dumbest Things Fans Do

Having been to hundreds of ball games I’ve had the opportunity to observe some real dumb things fans do. The hardcore fans understand and respect the game and all of its nuances, the casual fan on the other hand —  those who show up once or twice a year –  part of a beer drinking group – are the ones who show real ignorance and inconsiderate actions.
Some things in the Top 10 are harmless and in fact humorous, others are really annoying.

Here then, with apologies to David Letterman, are the Top 10 Dumbest Things Fans do.

10.    The cell phone wave. How many times have you seen fans in the stands talking on the cell phone and waving either to another person 8 sections away or to someone else thinking they are on TV!

9.    The stand up guy in front of you. For no reason, some fan decides to stand up during the game even when nothing is happening as if to draw attention to his sorry self.  Another dumb thing are the fans who think they need to stand in the aisles. (A common occurrence at Yankee Stadium). Sit down and shut up!

8.    Showing up respectfully late and the hasty exits. Why do people show up after the game has started sometimes as late as the fourth inning? This is not a gathering where being late is socially acceptable. And many fans never stay for the whole game. If the home team is down by even one run fans start heading for the parking lots as early as the 7th inning. In Milwaukee, some fans leave after the sausage races at the end of the 6th inning!  Oh and the couple who arrived in the 4th are now leaving in the 7th. What a waste of money.

7.    Booing mound visits. Why do fans always boo when the opposing catcher walks to the mound to discuss pitch strategy with the pitcher? There is no delay of game penalty in baseball.

6.    Booing close pitches. OK, the visiting team is behind by four runs and the pitcher lets one get away and nearly hits the batter. Was he purposely throwing at him? I think not!

5.    Booing throws to first. This is part of baseball strategy. A pitcher can throw over to first as long as he feels he needs to. Why boo? You’re probably among the “hasty exits” anyway.

4.    The “Reach Over”. This one is really dumb. In a fans never ending quest for a ball, they reach over in fair territory and interfere with a play or reach over the wall and try to catch it while it’s in play. Keep your sorry butts in the seats.

3.    The Long Out. Why do fans get all excited over a long fly ball that has no chance of leaving the ball park? Unless it’s a no doubter, wait until the ball hits the wall or sails over it to stand and cheer.

2.    The 7th Inning Beer Rush  Acting like they’ll never get another beer, long lines
form at the concession stands in the 7th inning.  More important to get that last beer than what’s going on down on the field.

1.    Balk! But perhaps nothing is dumber than when fans boo and yell “Balk!” every time a pitcher fakes a throw to the base. People, as long as his foot is off the rubber, he can play pinochle out there. Learn the rules!

If you have other dumb things fans do, send them in and I’ll post them.


YOU ****!

I’m going to see the Brewers play the Mets tonight. I have a partial season ticket package. I sit in the right field bleachers with my income challenged college student daughter.

I must say it is a different experience in this section. Fans are much more vocal and also much more crude. We have a row of young guys who make a point of harassing the right fielder each game — beware Xavier Nady.

It starts innocently enough with a few Hey — You ****. But then it becomes more crude and personal and distracting. Now I realize that fans will get on players and I’m OK with it. But where do you draw the line? We have families with small kids in the section. Should they be subject to this crudeness?

When some of the fans ask them to tone it down they act like they own the whole section.

Further, should a player who has done nothing wrong except for being the opposition’s right fielder be subject to this?

At one time the Brewers had a flaky reliever named Curtis Leskanic. I’m sure many of you readers have heard of him. Well, one day in the bullpen he was getting more than an earful from a few "fans". His comeback was one for the ages–after being subject to this for awhile, Leskanic turned around and said "Hey, I don’t yell at you when you come pick up my garbage!"

That said, I wish these guys would stop the antics. It takes away from watching the game. Now I know some of you will say it’s a fan’s right to do this and if I don’t like it I should’ve sat in another section. To which I respond, I didn’t know it was going to be this way when I bought the tickets and I’ve already asked the Brewers to move me if this becomes intolerable.

I’d like to hear from other fellow bloggers how you feel about crude fans and if you can cite some examples so I can compare my situation with others.

I’ll share some of them.