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This Is Not About Race

Columnist Jayson Stark of ESPN.com just wrote a piece about Barry Bonds’ chase for 756 that had racial overtones. He cites a survey whose results stated, among other things, that “74 percent of black fans want Bonds to break this record. And nearly half of all black fans think Bonds has been given a raw deal. And a quarter of those fans think that raw deal is all about race — not steroids or anything else.”

To his credit, he qualifies this” We’re not so sure they’re right in attributing the alleged mistreatment of this particular historical figure to racially charged motives.”

But the real kicker is his next statement: “But for nearly all white fans who think Bonds has been treated unfairly to say race has nothing to do with it is stunning. We say to those fans: You’re kidding yourselves if that’s what you truly think.”

No, Jayson I’m not kidding myself. It’s you and your national media ilk that keeps fanning the flames of controversy. Racism occurred during the immense struggle baseball endured trying to integrate the game in the 50’s. Vicious and hateful racism occurred including death threats when Hank Aaron was in pursuit of a cherished record set by a white man.
No, Jayson this has nothing to do with race. And as a baseball fan, I’m quite offended by your presumption. The only thing that this is about is an arrogant, self-righteous, narcissistic cheater who is in self-denial and doesn’t care about the traditions or legacy of this great game.

Remember, the record Bonds is chasing is held by a black man! So, how can the black fans claim it to be racist? Why does everything have to evolve around race? What about character, honesty, doing what’s good for the game? Doesn’t that count as people judge this inevitable event?

If this were Ken Griffey, Jr. who surely would have chased the record had not injuries ruined four seasons would this reaction be the same? Because it’s Barry Bonds it has to be racially motivated. I don’t think so.

Barry brought this on himself. Private suites when he travels. Choosing to play when he wants to, asking for appearance fees to participate in the Home Run Derby, his continued abeyance of the steroid issue even though it is quite obvious he juiced and especially his portrayal of self-pity.

Where in all of this is the race issue? I don’t see it. All I see is a man who cheated, denies it and will break the record of one of the game’s greats by dubious means. No more. No less.