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I sure don’t.

This all started when Manny was a happy camper over in Boston slugging home runs before he was slugging equipment managers. His dugout antics, his relieving himself inside the scoreboard during a pitching change (that is what he was doing, right?), talking on his cell phone during games was all taken with humor and cajolery, it was just “Manny Being Manny”.

But when he started pouting and faking injuries because he felt unwelcome the antics became as humorous as our next tax bill. He succeeded in running himself out of Boston and all the way to the Left Coast where he singlehandedly took the Dodgers on his back and carried them to the playoffs all the while creating a cult following.

As a free agent, he has been the center of attention during the offseason regarding whom he will sign with and for much. His first mistake was taking for granted that teams would line up to overpay for his services. His second mistake is using the cancerous Scott Boras as his agent.
Already the scourge of many owners, Boras and Frank McCourt particularly despise each other. One of the reasons might be the way Boras suckered McCourt last year into signing Andruw Jones, arguably the worst deal ever. It was so sour that the club would’ve accepted a side of longhorn beef and an armadillo from Texas just to get rid of him.

The prolonged and rancorous negotiations over Ramirez forever being played out in the media has turned into a clash of egos and a game of chicken. When the Dodgers made their most recent offer of $45 million for two years with deferred payments, Boras countered with $55 million to offset the deferments.
Were talking a minimum of $25 million per year! Even when the economy was sound, this is a staggering number. Now with millions unemployed, fighting over millions of dollars in deferred payments seems arrogant and insulting.
However this plays out, players, especially self-centered ones like Manny, better come to realize that fans who are struggling to pay their bills are going to amplify their scorn over a player who thinks he is unappreciated because he isn’t being paid a few million more.
Yes, Manny Being Manny now has a new nuance. As for Boras, he would fit in well with the current presidential administration. Both have no conscious when it comes to taking money from either taxpayers or fans.