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An Open Letter To Doug Melvin

Dear Mr. Melvin:
Thanks for nothing. I wasted the entire afternoon waiting for the move that never came. I guess this means that we are one and done. What was the reason you became paralyzed at the last minute and could not make a move so obvious?

I know we were all seduced by the C.C. acquisition last summer. It was a season that ended in euphoria. The fans were hoping for more than just a one year wonder and have poured into Miller Park this year at a record setting pace. Your marketing department has done such a good job that there are ad signs in every possible place in the stadium including between-inning promos. That doesn’t include the revenue generated by the broadcasts including ads between pitches!  The revenue is pouring in.

Could it be that you are burdened with salaries that have crimped the payroll? The $10 million you wasted on Gagne? The $8 million you will pay your once starting 3b who was just sent down? The money still being paid to last year’s manager? What about the albatross that is Jeff Suppan, the most overpriced starting pitcher in the game?

Doug, I know that being a GM today is extremely difficult and I wrote a previous piece defending your ability to make us a contender. But I think we deserved more than Claudio Vargas, a pitcher you jettisoned after he won 11 games in 2007. All of a sudden he’s the answer? I was so hoping the Washburn rumor was true, but I understand that you would not include Escobar or Gamel in any deal. Are they gold plated or what? Are you saving them like so much winter silage? When, in your opinion, are they going to be ready to help up here and who are they going to replace? You said that every team that you talked to wanted pitching, something that the club is woefully short of in the minors as well. That may be true. The Phillies sent three pitching prospects to the Indians for Cliff Lee and the White Sox four to San Diego for Jake Peavy. Who did you have to offer?
As a partial season ticket holder who drives more than 80 miles one way to each game, I feel cheated. In this economy, these tickets are a luxury.

This is a narrow window of opportunity.  After next year JJ Hardy can opt out. In two more years, Prince Fielder will be leaving. But with no reasonable options on the near horizon to fortify the rotation, I think it’s look out below.

The fans have been wildly supportive but as you know can be fickle which is why I’m sure the broadcast team is told not to say anything negative. Once the football season starts, the Miller Park sellouts will cease if the team keeps falling faster than a skydiver without a parachute.

Doug, it was nice while it lasted and this lack of movement to keep the team in contention is disappointing to all of us hard-core fans.

My seat is in Section 423, Row 4, Seat 1 if you ever want to stop over during a Sunday afternoon game to chat.

A lifelong baseball lover and loyal fan.