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As I get ready to watch the first game of this weekend’s interleague series between the White Sox and the Brewers, I’m getting geared up to listen to Manager Ozzie Guillen. No other skipper is as frank and brutally honest about his team and players.
He must be a delight to the press, dishing out comments after each game that are provocative and emotional. His passion for the game and his team is evident.
Here are a few Observations from Ozzie :

“I wish whoever I put in the leadoff spot will do their job, because I’m tired of the same questions. I’ve been answering the same questions since spring training.”      
 April 9th , 2009 lost 2-1 to KC

“He’s (Jose Contreras) got to figure it out. It was a pretty bad game, walking people, not getting guys out. He walked the leadoff guy in like three different innings.”
  April 21, 2009 lost 10-3 to Baltimore

“He (Bartolo Colon) was not throwing strikes. The ball was not moving. You got to throw strikes. Every time he put the ball in the middle of the plate, he got hit.”       
  April 23rd, 2009    lost 6-2 to Baltimore

“When you take your glove to the plate and you take the bat to the field, you are not going to have much success in this game. I don’t like what I (saw) today, not because of the error, I’m making it clear, I (didn’t) like his (Alexi Ramirez) attitude today. He was kind of head down and feeling sorry for himself.”
  April 24th, 2009  lost 14-0 to Toronto

“Most of the time when you’re going to talk to the players, myself, I wait for them to do something good. Make sure they don’t take it the wrong way because they had a bad game. All of a sudden, (they’re) in the principal’s office.”
   April 25th 2009 won 10-2 against Toronto

“It’s a pretty ugly 4-0. He’s always the same. It doesn’t matter whether he’s 8-0, he does the same job.” (on Mark Buerhle)
   May 1, 2009 won 4-3 against Texas

“Some people on this team better check (themselves), They better think about the way we’re playing–I’m talking about everyone. They better be careful. I’m not afraid to move people. I’m not afraid to make changes.”
    May 5th lost 8-7 to KC 11  innings

“He’s umpire (Barksdale) got a point. I don’t think he liked what he saw. If that guys score than I think I should be the worst manager in the game. I’m not that crazy.”
    May 9th, 2009 commenting on Booby Jenks’ inside pitch to Texas outfielder David Murphy.  White Sox 3, Texas 2

“In the big leagues, if you don’t throw a strike, I don’t care how good you are, you’re going to get killed. He (Gavin Floyd)  couldn’t throw his curve for strikes because he couldn’t throw his fastball for strikes. You have to command your fastball to make the other pitches work.”
    May 11th Cleveland 9, White Sox 4

“Offensively we’re really, really bad right now. We have to be better than that. How? It’s my job to figure out how. We’re going to make maybe a few changes in the lineup to see if that works. But when the manager changes the lineup every day, that’s not a good sign of a winning ballclub. I don’t think I’m doing my job,” My job is winning games and that’s the last thing we’re doing right now.”
    May 15th Toronto 8, White Sox 3

“There’s so many different ways to lose, you can’t describe each of them.”
    May 18th Toronto 3, White Sox 2

“We did everything wrong we could do. You name it, we did it wrong. I always think positive, Colon will be real fresh for his next start.”
    May 21st Minnesota 20, White Sox 1

“It’s kind of hard for me, I have to play him (inf Wilson Betemit). It seems every time we play him he makes an error. “
    June 2nd Oakland 5, White Sox 0 Betemit was released the next day.

“Really bad. He struck out, what am I going to say? He was good?” …on top rookie prospect Gordon Beckham’s debut.
    June 4th Oakland 7, White Sox 0

“People are going to be struggling at the plate, but we got a man on third base and no outs and we can’t get him in. We swing at back-to-back changeups in the dirt, it’s just a lot of bad things happening right now. A lot of bad ugly things, embarrassing things happening now.”
    June 5th Cleveland 6, White Sox 0

We don’t know what to do. Everything we try doesn’t work. Maybe if I go crazy with the media and (rip) my team … I might wake them up. But it’s wasting my time.”
    June 7th Cleveland 7, White Sox 4

“”If this was the 1980s, (none) of these guys would be in the big leagues right now, because if you hit .210-.230 and you can’t execute, I don’t think you should be out here. When you can’t bunt, hit-and-run, squeeze and move the guy over, you better hit 40 home runs and drive in 140. Somebody has to change because if we don’t do what we’re supposed to do, I’ll take the blame because that’s my job.”
    June 8th Detroit 5, White Sox 4

It’s the 7th inning of the opener and the Brewers lead 6-2 after a 3 run 6th and a 3 run 7th. There ought to be some interesting comments after the game. Come on, Ozzie, don’t disappoint me, I’ve waited all year for this.